Door access reimagined

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Door access reimagined
Door access reimagined
Personalized door and floor security for any space.
Easy to Use
Access devices are designed to be as intuitive as they are powerful.
Simple to Set Up
Install and configure in minutes and use with your existing door locks.
Create Multi-floor Access Permissions
Monitor and direct traffic throughout your location.
Reliable Backup Power
Keep your Access devices running during power outages with the
* Coming soon
Optimize your building security with the UniFi Access application
View real-time access logs, visitor traffic, and entrance video from a single dashboard.
Detailed Policy Setting
Define the door and floor permissions of every registered user.
Dynamic Access Logging
Track every access request and compile custom reports.
Zero Fees
Enjoy dedicated product and application support without subscription or licensing fees.
Seamless network integration
Easily integrate your Access devices into a new or existing UniFi system.
Five-year cost comparison
See how much you'll save when you choose UniFi Access over competing solutions.
Introducing: Ubiquiti UniFi Access
This video will cover the UniFi Access Reader Pro, the UniFi Access Reader Lite, the UniFi Access Hub, and the features and capabilities of the UniFi Access Application.
Number of doors
Enhance your existing door security with Access devices
UniFi Access works with most electric bolts, magnetic locks, and electric strikes.

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