ToughCable Carrier (TC-CARRIER)

TC-Carrier, Tough Cable Carrier CAT5e SFTP Outdoor Industrial-Grade, UBIQUITI


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ToughCable Carrier

Keeping your home or office network securely protected from many of the harmful environmental elements is fundamental if you want to make sure such investments last you for many more years. You can get that peace of mind with the help of the latest from Ubiquiti: the ToughCable Carrier.

Ubiquiti Network Inc. now has their top-of-the-line ToughCable package available in two versions: the ToughCable Pro Shielding Protection and the ToughCable Carrier Shielding Protection.

The ToughCable Carrier Advantage

ToughCable Carrier improves your system’s performance.

The ToughCable Carrier is a Category 5e Outdoor Carrier Class Shielded Cable that comes second to none in terms of improving your home or office system’s overall performance, particularly in terms of enhancing its speed and maximizing Ethernet link states.

Just like its successor, the top-of-the-line ToughCable Carrier version has maintained its unparalleled capacity to allow for high-quality signals for the system even when placed nearby high voltages or within near proximity of other power cables.

ToughCable Carrier possesses outstanding weather-proof features.

This Ubiquiti Networks Inc. brainchild has been scientifically designed and built to maintain ultimate functionality even when exposed to harsh working environments or under extreme weather constraints when its competitors will not last for long.

ToughCable Carrier offers ultimate ESD damage protection.

Electrostatic discharge should never be taken for granted when setting up a home or office network as it can potentially damage one’s computers or many of its hardware components. Thanks to Ubiquiti Networks Inc.’s ToughCable Carrier, you home or office setup will be safely protected from any destruction or damage that may be caused by unwanted electrostatic attacks through the ESD drain wire that the ToughCable Carrier package comes with.
ToughCable Carrier
The ToughCable Carries comes with one-year product warranty.

To prove their product’s excellence, Ubiquiti Networks Inc provides one-year warranty for their ToughCable Carrier that every purchase would be free from any damages or defects given that it will be used under normal operation.


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