PowerBridge M365 AirMAX 3.65 GHz MIMO Bridge

Ubiquiti Networks PowerBridge M365 AirMAX 3.65 GHz MIMO Bridge


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biquiti Networks PowerBridge M365 AirMAX 3.65 GHz MIMO Bridge¬†joins two networks together by creating a wireless connection up to 12 miles away. It sports a slim-profile panel antenna that offers a signal gain of 20 dBi and operates on the 3.65 GHz frequency. With Ubiquiti’s airMAX technology, it supports the TDMA protocol so you may build a high-throughput network with low latency. In addition, an included mounting kit and PoE adapter allow you to mount the PowerBridge M365 on a pole quickly.

Slim-profile panel antenna that provides a wind-loading advantage and improved aesthetics over dish deployment
Panel antenna design and dual-polarity performance make it suitable for point-to-point (PtP) bridging applications that require a compact form factor
Features an all-in-one design for easy plug-and-play installation
Supports TMDA airMAX protocol that enables scalability, high throughput, and low latency in unlicensed, multipoint networks
Ubiquiti’s versatile airOS firmware technology enables high-performance, outdoor multi-point networking
airOS provides features such as custom wireless settings, bridge or routing configuration and system management services
Integrated 20 dBi dual-polarity antenna


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