APC 2S-20


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APC 2S-20

90 Mbps capacity
30,000 PPS
2.352 – 2.557 GHz support
High output power 31 dBm radio
Integrated 20 dBi directional panel antenna
Powerful OS
iPoll 2  – enhanced communication protocol
Weather proof design
Free NMS (Infinity Controller)
Pole mounting option

APC 2S-20

Distance recommendations

PTP mode

15 km (9.32 mi)

PTMP mode

6 km (3.73 mi)

iPoll 3: Enhanced Performance Protocol

LigoWave’s iPoll™ PTMP (Point-to-Multi-Point) proprietary protocol is an innovative solution, eliminating transmission congestion and close-cluster interference created in wireless PTMP installations.

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QoS Support

The APC OS combines wireless technology with quality of service for multiple flows like voice, video and data. QoS on iPoll 2 uses the strict policy method and ensures the lowest latency as well as minimal jitter for the most sensitive real time applications.


The APC OS is feature-rich, easy to use and professionally developed operating system made for Deliberant wireless equipment.  The iPoll proprietary, wireless transmission protocol optimizes the hardware to allow high throughput even with a large number of client connections.  Additionally it produces low latency and high PPS (Packet Per Second rate) transmissions while exhibiting industry- leading immunity to noise . The easy to use interface also has a variety of tools like spectrum analyzer, site survey, antenna alignment, delayed reboot, ping, trace-route and ping watchdog to make the installation straightforward and fast.
ligo os



LinkCalc is LigoWave’s free wireless outdoor link planner and bandwidth calculator. It allows users to design wireless PTP/PTMP networks using virtual maps without the need for on-site field surveying or specialized tools. The data provided with LinkCalc can also be used to quote potential customer projects.


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